The mansion

Thursday 15 march 2018 - Billionaire Mansion

The mansion Thursday 15 march 2018

Welcome to The Mansion. 1 Destination / 5 Experiences every Thursday at Billionaire Mansion. Your one stop destination with everything you need for the perfect night out including:

* Billionaire Lounge (Lounge & Bar)
* Sumosan Restaurant (Japanese & Italian Fine Dining)
* Crazy Pizza (Casual Dining)
* Diamond Kalian Terrace (Open-air Lounge/Shisha)
* Billionaire Club (Nightclub)

Ladies tab on us till midnight on the terrace.

Music by Mr Shef Codes, Skinny Loop & Timothy Knight

Reserve Now: 800 RIZE
Billionaire Mansion
Taj Hotel, Burj Khalifa Street, Business Bay , 00001 Dubai
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