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    One summer morning in Dubai.The sun is climbing up the sail of iconic Burj al Arab. You are at Cove Beach, facing the Arab Gulf.
    Yet, it feels better than your favorite beach restaurant between Cannes and Portofino. So, put your darkest shades on, as we re-interpret the Riviera glow.

    "Be happy, it’s one way of being wise" - Colette

    Cove Beach has what it takes to keep you smilingand “when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles at you”.
    A soothing environment of timeless off-whites and greys,dashes of fuchsia here and there to spice up the contemporary, minimalist décor…

    The huge bay window opens the indoor volumesto broad sea views, in the promise of mesmerizing golden sunsets.
    You have entered a trouble-free zone,tailor-cut especially for you, with service that puts on a show!
    Jumeirah Beach Hotel

     Open Daily 10am ‘til late.​

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