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    15th floor, Emirates Financial Towers, North Tower, Dubai

    Crab Market is a seafood restaurant located in Emirates Financial Towers in DIFC. The menu has been created by Chef Vladimir Mukhin of White Rabbit in Moscow. Ranked at #23 on the World's 50 Best Restaurant List, Crab Market has amazing food, a trendy ambience with an open kitchen, beautiful lounge and a stunning dining room with world class views of Burj Kahalifa. Showcasing a delectable menu featuring the most popular seafood items from around the globe, Crab Market offers a unique experience combining delightful dining options complemented by a trendy ambiance in a nautical setting.

    This is a restaurant that does what it says on the tin, and if you love crab, then it’s time to hotfoot it to DIFC. Set in Emirates Financial Towers, there’s a top view across the Downtown skyline. The highlight is, of course, the fresh seafood. There’s a market-style counter with an abundance of massive fresh fish, plus multiple tanks with live crabs. If you’re not au fait with all the different types of crab, fret not, the helpful staff will fill you in. Aside from crab there are other fishy dishes such as sea bass, black cod and spaghetti al vongole. There isn’t huge amount on the menu for those who aren’t seafood fans, however.

    If you’re looking to order the crustacean, which you absolutely should, the process is simple. Choose your crab – Kamchatka, soft shell, mud crab or brown crab – and then pick a sauce. On the recommendation of our server we order the Kamchatka crab legs and go for the black pepper and curry sauces. It’s a hit. The meat is tender, sweet and totally delicious. The curry sauce is our favourite, punchy, creamy and moreish. We also try the grilled octopus, which is also excellent – not at all chewy and very tasty.

    Portions are generous and it’s worth getting a couple to share. It’s not overly expensive either, plus ladies, visit on a Wednesday and you’ll get unlimited grape and 25 percent off your meal, too, which is excellent value. If you a fan of crab, you’ll love it here.

    Crab Market Dubai Photos

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