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    Frame Night Club
    Dubai Marine Beach Resort , Jumeirah 1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    It always sounded fascinating when merged, music with art. At Frame Nightclub, all elements blend in a beautiful harmony to shape up a modern work of art, from interior, light, bar, service to entertainment shows with live band and choreographic scenes. 
    A venue for all entertainment and value seekers. Offering a modern and innovative take on the ‘dinner and dance cultural entertainment’ concept, in a truly intimate Russian style.
    Frame Nightclub is not just a theatre venue and so much more than a club.
    January 13th, the start of a journey into sound and dance.  
    Stay tuned for the upcoming various themed nights.

    Luxury Night Club 
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    Frame Night Club Dubai - Club

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    Ladies night
    Daisy's Effect
    Monday 29 january 2018
    Ladies night
    Daisy's Effect
    Monday 05 february 2018
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