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    Dubai Marine Beach Resort , Jumeirah 1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    In a busy city of millions of different people, thousands different souls and hundreds of different nations – there appeared a special place uniting us all…..
    Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Frame – a unique burlesque-inspired venue where the art of music and dance merged to bring a little bit of magic into your everyday world.
    Our real stage performances, live singing and dancing shows will take you somewhere to a place where music is what feelings sound like, and dance is a language that everybody understands.
    Throughout the whole week, Frame combines in it the country’s highest class of entertainment with a full bar of sumptuous cocktails and tasty treats delivered with warm and friendly service. While the red velvet curtains will give you that early sense of burlesque heyday of the early 1920-s. Which makes it a unique and highly entertaining alternative to the usual bar or nightclub scene.
    Being an elegant, decadent space filled with glamour and sophistication – Frame is a perfect spot for a group night out, a classy downtown date in style or a celebration of any kind.
    Frame your special moment with us.
    Your table is already waiting!

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    Jumeirah 1, Beach Road Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

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