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    Hotel Cartagena Dubai
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    Hotel Cartagena
    JW Marriot Marquis Tower B, 72nd Floor

    This hotel-themed restaurant unfolds a fictitious tale told by its protagonist, Mrs Buendia. This eclectic bohemian paradise is a shrine to all those who have lived, loved and dined within its four walls and provides every guest with the promise of a reprise from the chaos of the world we live in today. So sit back. Meet, eat, drink, entertain and relax as we serve you Latin America, without borders.

    Mrs. Buendia’s collection of memories takes shape in Dubai’s only bohemian lifestyle restaurant, where the food is as deliciously eclectic and seductive as the ambiance. Welcome to Latin America without borders.

    04 560 1799

    Restaurant Hotel Cartagena Dubai

    coming events Hotel Cartagena

    Carnival: Columbia
    Friday 01 march 2019
    Carinival : Rio
    Friday 08 march 2019
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