Being the Creative Director of Base Dubai, one of Dubai’s flagship clubs is no easy job and requires an unwavering amount of dedication and unsurpassed vision. We caught up with Tiffany Valentin to find out what goes in to their jaw dropping stage shows…
How has your summer been? 
My summer was great. I went back home to NY to visit my family and friends for two months. It felt good to be back in my element. I’m a Brooklyn/Queens girl. The energy and vibe of NYC is unlike any other place in the world. 
Did you make the trip to Russia for the pop-up club during the World Cup?
Unfortunately, I did not partake in BASE Moscow. However, I kept in contact with my BASE family during this time….and from what I know we had an enormous success!
Where does your inspiration for your stage shows come from?
Stage performance and creative art has been a key element in my life. My father was an artist. My mother was a dancer in college. I am most inspired by old movies, musicals, fashion and nature. I can close my eyes or look at an object and my surreal mind enters another dimension of creativity. 

What has been your most challenging BASE stage show to date? 
The most challenging show I have experienced did not take place on stage, but in the air. Flying an LED robot in a harness with a back pack full of Pyro suspended over an audience was quite the experience. Between making sure all safety precautions were being followed, as well as waiting for the perfect moment where the music dropped for the ultimate effect, was a bit nerve wrecking. It was EPIC and all worth it. We had DJ duo NERVO that night. To see them take out their phones during their set to film this moment was memorable. Mission Accomplished.

What has been your favourite show at BASE? 
That is hard to choose from. We have 4 strong performance teams between dancers, B-Boys, fire performers and aerialists. They are all so amazing and to choose one is like asking me to choose one favourite flavour. For me impossible. 

How do you find Dubai’s largescale clubs measure up to those in New York? 
Working in some of the biggest night clubs and festivals in NYC for the past 12 years, I have been involved in some amazing shows and events. NYC has a vibe that is unique. Dubai is a new and innovative city that always strives to go above and beyond what already has been done. New York and Dubai are incomparable in that sense and makes it difficult to measure. 
What are your thoughts on the recent spate of imported club brands arriving in Dubai? 
I am recognizing that Dubai is gaining more interest internationally from brands all over the world and I think that’s awesome. It is a growing industry especially in the entertainment business. BASE is not an imported club brand. We were born in Dubai! 
What do you have in store at BASE for the new season? 
The goal is to go bigger and better this season. As Creative Director for one of the most innovative clubs in Dubai, we continuously set the bar high. The audience is important and it is in my best interest, show wise, to try and give them something they have never seen before. We have many new surprises instore. I am happy and feel blessed to have a great team of talented performers to help the vision come to life. 

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