This was where it had all started – the gorgeous marina had provided the perfect backdrop for our first ever Dubainight tour – so, of course we couldn’t resist coming back for a day-to-night experience this time around.

Since we’ve had so much fun during the past few tours, we figured why not make a day out of it so we can explore more of what Dubai Marina has to offer. So, put on your sunnies and hop on as we make our first stop at….

2PM: CARGO (Tropical Brunch)

It’s BRUNCH time so we hope you’ve brought your appetite with you, along with your favorite pair of floral shorts and shirt. Confused? Sorry, we forgot to mention that it’s a TROPICAL brunch. With summer kicking in, expect a light and breezy time as you dig into an array of colorful dishes. They have some of the most prettiest drinks we’ve seen in town, so make sure you try them all! From pop-up bars to live performers, you’re bound to have a great time at this vibrant venue by Pier 7. Ladies, if you stick around after 8pm, you can score FREE drinks all night long. Although you wouldn’t need to wait that long as we’ll be heading to….

5PM: MR. MIYAGI’S (Happy Hour)

What’s not to love about one of the trendiest Asian eateries in town?! A stone throw away from Dubai Marina, you’ll find Mr. Miyagi’s nestled within the heart of Media City – in Media One Hotel. We should be getting here right in time for Happy Hour; ladies can get UNLIMITED drinks while the lads can enjoy three FREE drinks. Their fun menu is divided into quirky categories such as, ‘Wok This Way’ and ‘I’m Soy Into You’. Don’t worry about the prices. Mr. Miyagi says, 'A food baby is cheaper than a real baby’. So, you’re in good hands! Don’t fill yourself up too much though. There are still two more stops left on our Dubainight Tour, and one of them involves an after-brunch party!

7PM: TRIBECA (After Brunch)

Take a trip to funky town at JBR hotspot Tribeca. Their “Marky Mark & The Funky Brunch” goes on every Friday night from 7pm to 11pm. So, what are we here for?! An organic brunch that’s prepared using only the healthiest ingredients around. Sounds good, doesn’t it? As you grab your hands on all the food and drinks you can find, pay close attention to the tracks being played by DJ 3GKids – chances are you’ll hear your favorite hip-hop track from the ‘80s or ‘90s. Fuel up as much as you want – we know just the right way to burn off all those extra calories at our final stop on the tour.

10PM: ZERO GRAVITY (Party! Party!)

Told ya! We’re at award-winning beach club Zero Gravity for one reason, and one reason ONLY – to party the night away. Known to bring down some of the most talented artists and DJs from around the world, this is a haven for house and techno lovers in the city. So, don’t be surprised to find a killer lineup tonight as well – if not that, you can always look forward to a host of resident DJs keeping you on your feet throughout the night. Make sure you bring all your best moves to the dance floor. As you party your way into the morning, we shall take your leave and meet you again on the next Dubainight tour with bigger events, we promise!

Article published: 10th April, 2019
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