Ninive: A return journey

Ninive: A return journey
The Story continues as Ninive will open its doors once again at Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

Your favorite spot that always have new stories to tell, a place that offers something different, something exciting so there is a reason to return.

Ninive is designed as a contemporary urban majlis between a garden and a caravanserai. In Islamic culture, the majlis is the space where one meets to make decisions.
It needed a name that represented this meeting, preserving its link to the history of the region. 

Now, according to researchers, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the only Wonder of the World never found, would have flourished in ancient Ninive, one of the oldest cities of Mesopotamia.
This name requires authenticity, it induces a thousand stories that carry the legend.

This is how Ninive was born.

The menu brings you back into the region’s culinary history, understand the changes that have occurred over time, find the gastronomic treasures by sublimating them with modern techniques.  It does not revisit the past but revives sometimes-forgotten tastes to a region with powerful culinary traditions. The dishes are from all over the Middle East and North Africa: Iranian, Iraqi, Turkish and Moroccan.

In the dining area, everything is done to make the guests feel good, and staff are trained to inform diners about the history of the venue and its dishes. They can recommend pairings to ensure flavors are blended pleasantly.

Ninive is re-opening soon, so stay tuned.

For now they are available in Deliveroo from 12pm -12am


 Article published: 14th October, 2020
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