15 Stages Before a Night Out With Your Gals

15 Stages Before a Night Out With Your Gals
Ladies Night
Getting dressed, drinking freely and listening to tunes are all part and parcel of getting ready for a girl’s night out. But what other things can you expect before you have even left the house? Check out Dubai Night’s guide to the 15 stages of getting ready for a night on the town.
1. The “What to Wear” Panic
We can guarantee that you will text your friends in a panic over what outfit to wear. Women also like to know what their pals are wearing so that you don’t go out looking too scruffy next to your glam pals.

2. The Outfit Change
Your friends have turned up rocking that 70’s disco vibe so that means you have to fling out all your clothes from your wardrobe until you find an outfit that goes with the style.

3. Frock Envy
You may think your friend’s outfit is way nicer than yours, but we bet she is envying your makeup skills, just remember you are not in competition, you can all look great.

4. Fake Tan Fail
Remember to take your time when applying fake tan as you don’t want streaky legs and clothes, and keep in mind that less is definitely more.

5. Last Minute Makeup
While guys may like their girls to look au natural, we love painting our faces before a night out. So get ready to rock the contour brush and red lippy.

6. Selfies Galore
Before we have even left the building, we will have posted Selfies of us and our friends looking glam.

7. Pre Drinking
The night out doesn’t start until we have shared a bottle of wine or some cocktails with our friends to get in the going out mood.

8. Gossip Merchants
Well you just have to catch up with the latest gossip before you hit the noisy bars and clubs, like who is going out with who.

9. Getting’ Huggy With It
You love your friends and the more you drink the more hugs you will dole out. Outsiders would think you were long lost friends rather than girls who hang out every week.

10. Remember When…
Nothing like being with the gals to start reminiscing about past nights out, old boyfriends and silly things you have done.

11. Dancing Queen
Someone is bound to get up and dance round the bedroom, especially if you turn the volume up.

12. The Organiser
Dubai Night can guarantee that someone will try and take charge by trying to round up your girl squad; they may as well herd cats.

13. Taxi Attack
The taxi is outside but you are all running round panicking about what you have forgotten to do yet, like one last shot.

14. The Wanderer Returns
Yup someone forgot their phone or purse!

15. Turn Up the Volume
It’s practically the law that the taxi driver will be asked to turn up the volume so you can all sing along.
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