After a hard week at work, we can’t think of anything better than blowing off steam with our best mates on the dance floor.


Having been regulars to most of the clubs in the city, we’ve observed a pattern in the types of dancers you’re likely to meet in Dubai. See, if you can recognize any of these.


1) Doin’ It For The ‘Gram


You know the type, has more than a thousand followers on their social media accounts and zero friends in real life. The social media king/queen uses the dance floor as a way to unleash their inner Beyoncé or Drake – all the while capturing it on their smartphones. They’re the ones who’ll sniff out an Insta-worthy spot from miles away, usually next to the DJ booth. May even take 20 pictures with the DJ before settling on the best one for the ‘gram.


2) Got The Moves Like Jagger


This one’s got moves, and they’re not afraid to show it – much to the horror of others around. Whether it’s twerking or krumping, they’re giving it all that they’ve got. As you awkwardly begin to sidestep away from the floor, they might even reel you into the freak show that has the potential to become viral on the internet. Can you imagine having to explain it to mum?! Expect this to go on till the bouncers eventually intervene. Whew!


3) Can’t Touch This!


While there’s nothing wrong with being old school, it may become a problem when you’re jiving with a bunch of college grads out on the dance floor. If you’re still busting out Britney moves from her ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time” days, then you gots to learn some new moves, girl! Besides, with YouTube around, all it takes is one tutorial video (or maybe three?) to get you ‘back in the groove’. Side-effects may include elevated levels of swag and awesomeness.


4) Work, Work, Work


They usually come in bunches. You can spot them by their rumpled suits or loosened ties. There is no particular dance move that quite defines their style – maybe (trying real hard here) a spirited hyena set free from its cage…..move. See, this lot works hard the entire week only to escape their mundane routines over the weekend. While they have our sympathy, we’d still pay a good amount of money to watch them on the dance floor after a few drinks.


5) Let’s Get In Formation


Synchronisation is key, baby. This gifted duo or trio will match each move step for step to the point where you’ll be convinced they’re either professional dancers or they’ve been practicing…a LOT! Both scenarios are likely, but it still doesn’t take away the fact that together, they create magic on the dance floor. So much so, that you’d rather stand there and gawk at them, than even try and dance on the same floor as them.


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