Electronic music fans must be all too familiar with MEDUZA–an act that’s become all the rage in the dance music scene. Released earlier this year, their breakthrough track ‘Piece of Your Heart’ went straight to the top of the US Dance Club Songs chart, and was streamed more than 7 million times on Spotify alone.

We caught up with Mattia from the Italian dance trio ahead of their hotly anticipated performance at Café Mambo in Soho Garden this Friday, December 6.

How would you describe your sound?

Melodic house, basically house music but with melodic progressions in it.

‘Piece of Your Heart’ became almost an instant hit right from the moment it was released. Were you surprised?

When we made ‘Piece of Your Heart’, we never made it with the thought of being successful. We made it because we felt it was truly our sound, and that we were proud to release it. The success of the song only solidifies how we feel about the music–that we enjoy making house music.

Is it true that you waited a whole year to release it?

We didn’t wait a year. We waited for the right time–a time that suited everyone’s schedule to work on the label–in total, it was about 7 months.

How did the follow up track ‘Lose Control’ with Goodboys come about?

We have always been a fan of Becky’s writing/vocal skills, so we got in a session with her and the Goodboys in London at the start of 2019–we think it came out very well.

Why did you choose the name 'MEDUZA'?

Meduza is the dark and gritty character from Greek mythology–we thought that it fit with the style of house music we wanted to create.

Which festival have you enjoyed playing at the most so far?

Manchester Warehouse Project, without any doubts, is my favorite show until now. The underground atmosphere was incredible and people reacted to every track in a positive way. It was a journey into house music– quite like an author writing a story.

What have you got planned for your upcoming set at Café Mambo in Soho Garden?

I haven't planned anything yet–usually for each gig, I select tracks from the library and then at the club, I’ll feel the energy of the crowd and decide on what to play. I just go with the flow and see where the music leads me.

 What kind of music do you usually listen to on your day off?

I listen to radio stations to stay updated on current trends–but I also listen to every music genre on streaming platforms from R&B to rock, not just house music.

Your thoughts about Dubai’s nightlife scene?

I’ve never been! So looking forward to seeing what’s in store. I’ve heard great things from friends.

What’s next for MEDUZA?

We have lots of tours planned for the rest of 2019, going into 2020–as well as a few releases lined up for the start of next year with some wicked collaborations.

**Interview edited for brevity. Pictures courtesy of Meduza's IG**

Article published: 4th December, 2019
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