Cargo at Pier 7 has long been a favourite among those looking for a good time and now the good times are about to get even better. Starting Friday, November 2ndthe UnboXed Brunch at Cargo is here to take care of your Friday’s from beginning to end. Luckily for those who are not early risers, UnboXed runs from 2pm until 5pm, so you can catch up on your beauty sleep if you have had a long working week, or just if you like sleeping. 
As with any visit to Cargo, you can rely heavily on the quality of the food, great selection of drinks and one of the best views of the marina in Dubai, this brunch offering will only go to improve on the already stellar reputation that has been built up since Cargo opened at Pier 7. The ethos behind UnboXed is very much that of a party spirit and for those that have been to Cargo before will know all about the special atmosphere at this bustling venue and to those that have not been, be prepared for one heck of a party. So, expect big tunes, pop-up bars, cooking stations and plenty of party games to keep the laughs coming.

The party doesn’t stop at 5pm either, the tunes keep coming and so do the deals. When 5pm comes around, this means happy hour and some insane deals and when the clock strikes 8 this is when the ladies’ take over and for the pleasure they will receive 3 complimentary beverages on the house. As if all these amazing deals at Cargo are not enough, they will be offering 2 for 1 on their UnboXed brunch for this week only. At AED390 for the house package and AED490 for the bubbly package what are you waiting for?

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