Whether you’re a seasoned clubber or are still discovering your musical taste, there’s something for everyone in a city where party-lovers live by the mantra, ‘Go Hard Or Go Home’–quite literally.

While a lot has been written about Dubai’s ever-changing glittering skyline, you’ll probably find an increasing number of discussions centered around its
rapidly evolving party culture too.

With an influx of massive international nightlife venues such as Soho Garden and Cé La Vi, and top-notch DJs performing every weekend, a night out in one of the most luxurious cities in the world is every bit of what you’d expect it to be–and then some.

Prepare to find yourself immediately drawn to the allure of an over-the-top club experience backed by a state-of-the-art sound, light and pyrotechnic systems that sums up to a pretty awesome audio-visual affair.

Make no mistake, partying is serious business in Dubai

That results in a highly diversified rave culture with class acts flying in from all over the world every week.

From thumping hip-hop nights to a thriving electronic music scene, hardcore party-goers are simply left spoiled for choice as talented homegrown DJs spin their magic alongside major international artists.

For those who prefer a more ‘no-frills’ approach to partying out, there are plenty of underground clubs popping up too, offering a low-key experience in comparison to their glitzy counterparts.

With the clubs here open for longer hours than ever before, you wouldn’t need to worry about fueling up for the night ahead–simply grab a can of your favorite energy drink and glide through the rest of the night.

Is Dubai on its way to becoming the new party capital of the Middle East?

Dubbed as ‘Ibiza in the desert’ by the international media, Dubai’s presence in Middle East’s burgeoning nightlife industry can also be gauged by the number of venues finding their way here from another party capital in the region–Beirut.

Now that three of Lebanon’s biggest hotspots–Seven Sisters, Antika Bar and Sky2.0–have also opened their doors here, there’s no doubt that the city is well on its way to cementing its status as party central.

You wouldn’t even need to wait until the weekend to have a great time because there’s always something to look forward to every single night–they aren’t kidding when they say that Dubai never sleeps.

It’s little wonder then that party-lovers from across the globe continue to flock to the concrete jungle; tourism is expected to cross over 20 million in 2020.

A Dubai State Of Mind

Everything’s bigger and better in Dubai–and the same can be said of its nightlife scene.

From the craziest parties to legendary gigs with some of the hottest names from the music biz, you wouldn’t be wrong in setting high expectations from a night out in one of the most fabulous cities in the world.

Just make sure you have your wings ready.

Article published: 5th March, 2020
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