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Located right under the ombre skies of Habtoor City, Sheikh Zayed Road the terrace bar and restaurant on top of the Hilton, Babiole did more than just impress on Saturday.
Greeted by a wall of roses and warm service at the front desk, the mood was set at Babiole’s entrance. With the far echoes of chill beats, we were escorted through golden palm leaves to the outdoor dining area. The venue was adorned with a botanical feel with the walls covered in roses and vines, we felt instantly relaxed. The best table at this venue is right at the edge for a killer view of the Dubai Canal and city's skyscrapers, which was simply breathtaking.
 DJ RONY injected us with chill beats with a selection of old school and new international hits making the chic crowd of 30+ sway joyously as they sipped their colorful cocktails, breathing in the delicious aroma sizzling in the kitchen. With bated breath, we were spoiled with Babiole’s signature Sunset Aperitivo cocktails and starters: a stunning seafood platter filled with an assortment of oysters, shrimp, salmon, mussels with a squeeze of lemon, complimented by an immaculate cheeseboard with pastrami, pieces of fruit, varied cheese selections, paired with sweet grape dip and crackers. What a way to prime your palette for what’s to come!
Babiole’s crisp suited up waiters provided fast and friendly service. They presented us with their Sunset Aperitivo platter of fresh sea bass, hamour and red snapper to choose from for our main seafood course. Good move, Babiole! With our selection made, the kitchen dished up a mouthwatering dish that was cooked to perfection with a side of blanched spinach and roasted mini potatoes that went extraordinarily well with the fish.
The two cocktails served were: A gorgeous amber Apple spritzer with lemon and a delicious ice blue pineapple spritzer with mint. Sip and enjoy the upbeat music! Capture your best moments at Babiole with your cocktails at golden hour with the venue’s gorgeous golden hour lighting and incredible rose laden lounge for the gram!

All in all, the chill upbeat vibe of Babiole definitely left a positive impression. Try their Sunset Aperitivo, perfect for great music and delicious dining with a stunning Dubai Canal view.

**Strict social distancing measures are to be followed at all venues**
**Call the venue ahead of your visit to confirm new rules and regulations**


Article published: 15th November, 2020
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