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If you are looking for a perfect pool + beachside dining experience with excellent service & views, Riva Beach Club at The Palm Jumeirah is for you.
Walking into Riva Beach Club after parking with ease near the venue’s basement entrance, we were greeted by the warm hospitable front desk and Riva’s beachy décor. The rustic wooden flooring & furniture of Riva’s indoor bar & seating area melted perfectly into their getaway feel.

We felt instantly relaxed.
As we were escorted to our umbrella shaded outdoor table, the view was simply stunning. The breathtaking view of the Burj Al Arab, the Burj Khalifa right behind it and the amazing Palm beachfront facing the table was the perfect touch for a day of relaxed lounging, not to forget the glittering pool right by us. The family and pet friendly environment of this beach club really lifted the upbeat vibe that was generously contributed by their chill yet lively music selection. We suggest you opt for the sofa seating near the outdoor gazebo styled bar for further relaxation.

As we lounged by the pool at our cozy table, the smell of Riva’s Barbecue Al Brunch seeped through the kitchen. With our taste buds waiting in anticipation, our starters made its way to us by the ristorante’s friendly staff. Our mouths watered as we went in on the scrumptious hummus with fresh Arabic bread, paired with a colorful Fattoush salad and a beef hot dog served in a rustic blue porcelain platter. We were spoiled for choice by Riva’s unlimited house beverage and cocktail selections! We paired our starters with a crisp El Jimador Reposado with Pineapple Juice.
What are weekends for, am I right?
Barbecue Al Brunch’s main course left us in a satiated and happy mood after we were devoured the grilled Nile Pearch fish and Chicken Shish Tawook! Served in the matching rustic blue porcelain platter, the grilled deliciousness came with a portion of a flavorful butter chicken and rice. The Grilled Beef Strip loin and the herb-marinated chicken went perfectly well with the baked potatoes, soft garlic bread and French fries paired with an assortment of condiments.

A feast with a great view.

After the delicious meal, we were escorted to our towel-laid beachfront loungers with drinks of our choice filled to brim. With the waves kissing the shore near our feet and the sun on our skin, we opted to dip into the cool ocean and enjoy the music. This is the perfect time to take some insta-worthy pictures, walk on the shore drinks in hand and soak up some Vitamin D!

The dessert was to die for.

We were surprised to see a delightful array of dessert waiting for us by our loungers after our swim. With the waves on our toes, we relished in the sugar covered churros with Nutella sauce and alternated from the blueberry cheesecake to the delicious chocolate mousse cake. Our sweet tooth satisfied, Riva has managed to keep our glasses full and our stomachs happy with their good portioned, delicious 3 course brunch and free flowing drink throughout our experience.
With our weekend spent relaxed at this poolside and beachfront eatery, we blessed our tastebuds with the finest by the waves. Get your tan on, bring your family with a pet, and lounge until the sunsets at the instagram worthy destination: Riva Beach Club!
You will not regret it.

*Strict social distancing measures are to be followed at all venues**
**Call the venue ahead of your visit to confirm new rules and regulations**

Article published: 22nd November, 2020
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