Published: May 5th 2021

Internet sensation, Burak Ozdemir, the young chef that rose to fame with cooking videos for his TikTok account of 30 million followers and a mega 18 million on Instagram. 

Burak's successful Downtown Dubai restaurant 'CZN Burak' is located right across Address Downtown, on the corner of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard. We arrived right at Iftar's golden hour with our table waiting for us, at the 600-seat restaurant's outdoor venue. The attentive and hospitable staff of CZN Burak Dubai was on their feet and ready for service, as we were greeted with our delightful array of dishes... The first course.

Our table filled with sharing-style creamy and fresh Hummus, Moutabel, Cacik, Ezme, zesty Vine leaves and dried eggplant dolma. Accompanied by fresh bread and Lentil soup, we squeezed in some lemon and dove right in. The fresh flavours of the Moutabel, the citrus in the Vine leaves and the 'right out of the oven' scent of the bread left the first course of CZN Burak Dubai's Iftar experience with an unforgettable impression. 

Our table attentively attended to by our host, Yekta, our second course came right on time as the sun bid farewell into the night. Colorful hubbly bubbly lit up the outdoor dining area of CZN Burak Dubai as guests leaned into their seats taking in the glittery Downtown Dubai view along with an inhale of fruity flavours. We were greeted with our second course: aromatic rice with perfectly cooked chicken accompanied by a platter of fresh mixed grill. The softness of the meat, the rich flavour and stunning presentation hit the spot! Pair your main course with a glass of fresh Laban or iced Jalab, a compliment to the delicious flavours. 

We ended our Iftar experience at CZN Burak Dubai with a glass of Turkish tea and slice of Kunefe drenched in Hatay syrup with a rich, cheesy centre. Those with a sweet tooth, your tastebuds will thank you! 

This Downtown Dubai hotspot restaurant is an ideal spot for delicious food, stunning views and amazing service. No wonder this Dubai restaurant is always buzzing with diners. CZN Burak Dubai does not accept reservations, so be an early bird and arrive on time. The spend of AED 195 was well worth it.

Click here to watch our Instagram reel on CZN Burak

Offer: A La Carte Iftar menu for AED195 per person (shisha not included)
Location: CZN Burak, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai

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