Published: September 8th 2021

We walked into the Hyatt Regency Dubai with a skip in our step and anticipation through our tastebuds.

Quirky and colourful, La Tablita Dubai is that Mexican restaurant that always leaves you wanting more. The sound of Mexican style beats and the intimate ambience at La Tablita Dubai welcomed us and added a sway, we were ready to devour Tacos as they came in piping hot!

To ceremoniously open our Taco Tuesday culinary journey at La Tablita Dubai, we opted for the best selling cocktails on the menu: the Mango Chaparrito and the famous House Zombie! Smooth and fruity, the Mango Chaparrito was whipped with Tequila Gold, Mango, Passion Fruit, Lime and Agave Syrup... the perfect choice for cocktail lovers that are in touch with their fruity side. The #instagrammable House Zombie at La Tablita needs no introduction: a Rum and Grapefruit cocktail with Aromatic Bitters that just does the trick every time!

With the help of our knowledgeable host, Deyenna, we scanned the menu of Tacos before us, we knew we were sold. Scanning through, we ordered one of each Taco from La Tablita Dubai's online Taco Tuesday menu and to our surprise, each one had its own story to tell. The Campechano Taco with Beef Flank and Beef Chorizo was warm and hearty, we did well by adding a little drizzle of spicy sauce for that added kick! The Alambre De Res Taco was beautifully presented with Beef Tenderloin and cheese... it was as succulent as it sounds. 
Chicken lovers, good news! The Chicken Pastor Taco was a sensation if you can handle some spice. Although a little dry at first, the Chicken Shawarma flavour, Annato Paste and Pineapple was a blissful combo, that made us drool for more!

The Costilla Taco was a hit and beef lovers will want to get a grab at this Taco! Revel your senses with the flavours of Gustillo Chilli Stew combined with Shredded Beef... yum! Last but never least, our favourite from the Taco Tuesday menu: The Camaron Taco. Ready your tastebuds for the Taco that stole our hearts, the Camaron Taco was made with a beautiful Battered Shrimp drizzled generously with Chipotle Mayo, the kind of Taco that will leave you craving more, much more!

Things to remember: 

- Best and least favourite: The Shrimp Camaron Taco with Chipotle Mayo (Best) and the Nopales Taco (Least)
- House Zombie Cocktail, trust us!
- Smoking allowed only at the bar
- Remember to get extra limes with the Tacos
- If you want added heat, ask for spicy starter sauces.

Contact: +971 4 5531212
Offer: Taco Tuesday - Unlimited Tacos for AED139
Location: La Tablita, Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights, Dubai

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