Uplift Ladies’ Night at CÉ LA VI Dubai

Uplift Ladies’ Night at CÉ LA VI Dubai
Heading up to the 54th floor of the swanky Address Sky View hotel on a Tuesday night, something told us we were in for the time of our lives–and it’s safe to say that we weren’t in the slightest bit wrong.

After all, we could be hardly blamed for setting high expectations from an award-winning brand that has managed to capture the attention of the whole world with its spectacular location, top-notch service and of course, stellar views.

Counted as one of Singapore’s most stylish rooftop bars, CÉ LA VI is more than just that–it’s also renowned for its contemporary Asian cuisine with a kitchen that’s helmed by some of the finest chefs in Southeast Asia.

As for its Dubai outpost, we were about to find out how well it managed to live up to all the hype on its popular ladies’ night fittingly called ‘UPLIFT’.

Making a beeline for the terrace, nothing could have prepared us for the glittering city view that lay ahead of us–even the hot weather couldn’t keep us from embarking on a selfie spree that ended on the now famous CÉ LA VI swing.

Having worked up an appetite by then, we decided to dive right into the specials and started off with the seaweed parker rolls that were served with an interesting mix of dips including the drool-worthy pistachio verde.

The wagyu beef charcuterie turned out to be a surprise favorite and we couldn’t recommend it enough especially if you’re looking to get more bang for your buck.

While certain dishes were on the pricier side, it’s fair to say that the price point is a clear reflection of the brand’s affluent location and world-class service.

Our ladies’ night offer included unlimited house beverages for AED 150 which sure helped ‘uplift’ our spirits for the rest of the night.

Will we back? Absolutely! Not only is CÉ LA VI a great spot to catch up with the girls but it’s also an opportunity to celebrate this iconic brand and all the finer things in life.

For more information or reservations, call up 04-582 6111 or email [email protected]

Article published: 27th July, 2020
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