Interviews come in threes - DJ Adam J.

Interviews come in threes - DJ Adam J.
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He is an international award-winning DJ, a music producer and also a radio DJ. His career has taken him from the legendary London club scene, through to becoming an international brand name, leaving his stamp on every venue he plays at. In June 2017 Adam J was signed to 104.8 Channel4 FM radio station & his 'Old School & Anthems' show is aired across the UAE to thousands of listeners 3 times a day, 5 days a week. Alongside his radio gig, Adam produces music working with some of UKs finest artists, and the UAE's top music producers.
Meet the talent with this exclusive interview and witness the energy at some of Dubai’s biggest clubs.

3 words to describe you?
Consistent, Chilled, Gemini.
3 artists from music scene who inspire you?
DJ EZ, DJ A-Trak, DJ Jojo (Nightcrashers).
3 reasons to become a DJ?
I don't think any DJ has ever had 3 reasons to become a DJ, its not something we wake up 1 morning & decide, or get taught in school.
I became a DJ because honestly, its the only thing I felt I was actually good at, I can sit here & say, its the money, the clubs I get to play at, the traveling, the women, the free booze offered, but its none of the above, I am old school, I have been Djing since I was 13 years old, I have a love for music, I have studied music production & even produced / released 2 singles. Music is my life / Djing is my life, its gone from a bedroom hobby to an international career.
Djing is more than a trend or fashion statement buying 'fake followers on social media platforms' to help you get work, (please don't do this). If you are good at your craft, you will always get work. Djing is a lifestyle, an art, a skill, you have to be constantly learning, evolving, & figuring out new tricks & new mixes.
Plus it took me years & years to convince my parents that I was going be a full time DJ, I think they would have preferred me to be an accountant, I guess in the end, it was worth all the heated arguments.
3 reasons not become a DJ?
Definitely the late nights, too many of those day after day, really plays havoc with your sleeping pattern. I hear many stories of Djs chasing money owed to them which is never good, & last but not least, the loss of resident work, 1 month your rolling, next month your struggling.
3 tracks of all time?
Robin S – Show me love
D'Angelo – Lady
Maxwell - Ascension
3 live performances of all time?
Michael Jackson
3 cities you like to visit?
Rio De Janeiro
Hong Kong
3 clubs where to find you?
Tuesdays - Cirque Le Soir
Thursdays - Armani Prive
Friday - Wanderlust Brunch JW Marriott Marquis
3 fun facts about you?
I DJ with no headphones, I eat like i'm eating for a family of 4, & I am addicted to the gym / working out.
3 things you can’t live without?
Lifting heavy weights, Cheesecake Factory & my Iron Man USB stick.
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