The Meaning of Valentine’s Day Flowers

The Meaning of Valentine’s Day Flowers
Whether you are planning on sending your wife or girlfriend a bouquet of flowers this Valentine’s Day, or you are the recipient of a beautiful bunch of flowers, knowing the meaning behind different flowers will heighten your appreciation of sweet scented blooms. Dubai Night has investigated the matter on your behalf so that you know the best flowers to convey your personal romantic message to your loved one this year on Valentine’s Day.

Red Roses
Red roses are consistently the most popular choice for budding romantics the world over. Red roses symbolise romantic love, perfection and beauty, but be warned roses go up in price just before Valentine’s Day.

Different Coloured Roses
Different coloured roses mean different things. White roses signify innocent love and purity. Pink roses are a symbol of grace and admiration, so best given to someone like your mother not a girlfriend. Yellow roses symbolise happiness, and the joy between a couple, so are ideal for a long-term relationship and a friend.

According to ancient Greek mythology, the Sun God Apollo used to change woodland pretty nymphs into pink peonies if the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite caught him flirting with them. They signify romance, good luck and prosperity

These graceful blooms are associated with the Netherlands, but they also stand for warmth, comfort and elegance. They are a good flower to choose for a Valentine’s Day gift, as they are both affordable and chic.

These bright coloured, swirly looking blooms are symbolic for attraction, radiance and charm. If you receive a bunch of these beauties, you know that the person giving them is dazzled by your wit and beauty.

Orchids are the rarest flowers of all, so they symbolise luxury, strength and beauty, as well as the exotic powers of seduction. If you receive these this Valentine’s Day then you know that your guy is a little wild and untamed, he definitely does not like to play by the book.

Gerbera Daisies
Pretty daisies symbolise purity, innocence, gentleness and beauty. This type of daisy is available in different colours and is a cheerful gift to give.

Casa Blanca Lilies
These Oriental lilies are not only expensive but are also very chic and dramatic, making them the perfect gift for a stylish woman. Another good point is that these white lilies have a deep, heavy fragrance, which accentuates their reputation as being the flowers associated with style and elegance.

If you are just a the start of a new relationship and you feel that it could really go somewhere then carnations are a good choice for Valentine’s Day flowers. These ruffled flowers symbolise new love and attraction, and as they are affordable are perfect for young lovers.

These stylish blooms signify a deep, abiding love, so are perfect for those in long term relationships. And as they can be expensive, they send a message to the recipient that they are truly adored.
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