Soulgreen Dubai

Soulgreen Dubai

Venue Info

Soulgreen was founded by legendary Stefano Percassi, owner of Kiko Milano, a well-known cosmetics company. Soulgreen opened its first location in January 2017, in Milan and made its way to Dubai. Soulgreen is a plant-rich cuisine meaning most of the ingredients we use when we create our recipes are fruits and vegetables. 

We respect biodiversity and we care about variety. That's why our dishes aren't just beautiful, colorful, and tasty, but they are also healthy because they are created to be perfectly balanced and to enhance your body and mind energy. We believe that every single decision we make can have a positive influence on the only planet we have, Earth. For this reason, we don't use plastic bottles and all of our containers are biodegradable. And the water we serve is filtered and free. 

Dates & Timings

Daily : 12pm - 1am